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December 5, 2013




After a rough trip to Oregon last month, Leslie and Pablo were hoping for smoother sailing as they headed to southeastern California to collect the trees and plants that go into our Inyo fragrance. They found stunningly beautiful views and arid conditions that left the trimmings oozing with more essential oil than they’d seen in years. They also encountered wild pigs, tarantulas, and truck problems that almost derailed the harvest.

We’re hard at work preparing a photo essay on their journey. Stay tuned— we’ll be publishing it next week at!



Brooklyn Based, the source for events, food, and cultural news in the borough, has a great feature on our recent Urban Wildcrafting Hike.  NYC has a surprising number of native Western trees growing amongst the concrete and glass, making for a great opportunity to gather materials for a live distillation demonstration back at our Pop-Up at Fellow Barber.  Brooklyn Based tagged along, and brought us some great photos and a very insightful article that delves into our history, fragrance philosophy, and the process behind products like our Yuba River Trail Crew Soap.  Read a short excerpt below, and click here to view the whole article at Brooklyn Based.

“It’s safe to say that when most of us are looking for a new signature scent, we don’t start our search by trimming the branches off a cedar tree on N. 7th Street.  It was, however, where West Coast fragrance-maker Hall Newbegin started his search while trekking through the neighborhood looking for ingredients to wildcraft a new cologne.  His company, Juniper Ridge, forages for fragrances, inventing new scents using ancient techniques like tincturing (extracting scent by submerging plants in bottles of alcohol) or distilling essential oils, which Newbegin and Obi Kaufmann extract in converted bourbon stills.”


The holiday gift guide round-up continues: our Big Sur Trail Crew Soap was featured in Redbook’s 33 Lifesaving Last-Minute Gifts.  Have a look at the full lineup here.


Looking for a unique recipe for your holiday cocktail party?  Check out this great gin cocktail featuring our Douglas Fir Spring Tip Tea, from the folks at Brit + Co.  While we’re well acquainted with our own wildcrafted cocktail recipes, we’ve never thought to combine the citrus and evergreen flavors of this delicious tea with our favorite liquors.  Exclusively available at our partner stores worldwide, pick up some for yourself and try this recipe at your next gathering.



“Come by & check out the harp case, it’s full of all sorts of new (to us) Juniper Ridge stuff. Their stuff’s stupid good…” via Kitkitdizzi in Nevada City, CA (@kitkitdizzi).


“Not only do I get to work with one of my dearest friends @annaaddison but I get to work with brands that I wholeheartedly love and admire. You know that we take great care in choosing the brands and products that we promote- whether it be in our store, on instagram, or in a blog post- because we want to ensure not only that it is a quality product but that it is one that we truly love…” via Maker’s Workshop (@makersworkshop).


Finally, we’re doing another Field Lab event in San Francisco this weekend, come see us!  Via @juniperridge.


November 29, 2013


It’s a big day here at the ‘Ridge, the world’s only wild fragrance company. For the first time, all four of our Backpacker’s Colognes are available in a one ounce size.  They are for sale at for between $55 and $65.  Just in time for the holidays, we now offer free shipping on all orders over $100.





More great press on our Brooklyn Pop-Up and our recent wildcrafting event in NYC, this time from lifestyle site Gizmodo.

“The tour itself was short but often strangely hilarious and decidedly surreal. It remained unclear till the moment we departed from the storefront what we’d actually be seeing—and smelling—that day, but Hall patiently gave me a great, step-by-step introduction to the trees around us, quoting poet Gary Snyder and giving me a crash course in regional botany. This included the incredible observation that New York City is, in fact, according to Hall, dotted with coastal cedars and redwoods brought back from the west coast by, among other people, 19th-century arborist David Douglas (of Douglas fir fame).

These mammoth trees, normally expected to reach hundreds of feet in height, are simply growing in people’s front yards and in abandoned lots, trimmed, pruned, and slowly speciating. An eco-futurist vision of New York City, its towers, streets, and railway tracks overgrown with giant redwood trees long after humans have died off, was a particularly awesome daydream to keep in mind while we walked past chain-link-fenced parking spots in Brooklyn, as displaced coastal cedar trees grew, lonely, in the gravel behind them.

They’re like vast, arboreal monsters simply biding their time until the day they can take over the city.”

Head over for more excellent words and photos courtesy of Gizmodo.



Tis the season for holiday gift guides, here’s a quick round-up of guides featuring our products:

Dovetail Chicago: Holiday Gift Ideas

Gotham Magazine: 15 Luxurious Holiday Gifts for Him

East Bay Express: A Gift for Every Person



“The shop is smelling better with every new shipment. Be original with your choice of gifts.” via Sault New England, Boston MA (@saultnewengland)



This beautiful display featuring our products can be found at the Light and Will Store in Tokyo, Japan, via @lightandwillandinstagram.



Jenni Avins of Closettour came out for our Wildcrafting Tour of Brooklyn, and this is what she brought home, via @jenniavins.



Finally, we’re very excited to announce a new feature at, Harvest Stories are your chance to learn the story behind the harvest number stamped on your  Trail Crew Soap, Backpacker’s Colognes, Cabin Spray, and Campfire Incense.   You’ll get an in-depth look into our unique (and difficult) process, as well as a fascinating glimpse at the wild, beautiful places we visit.  Check out our first story, Trailers, Guns, and the Storm of the Century, a thrilling tale of our wildharvesting crews battling threatening elements and more, all to bring the freshest natural materials – the heart and soul of all our products – back to our Oakland headquarters.


November 22, 2013



“Harvesting Managers Leslie and Pablo left Juniper Ridge’s Oakland headquarters with a big truck, two helpers, and a 10-hour drive up the Pacific Coast ahead of them. Their mission: collecting 5,000 pounds of Port Orford Cedar, the gingery, aromatic king of the Siskiyou.

Leslie had secured a US Forest harvesting permit for a legendary spot in the remote conifer forests near Powers, Oregon. They’d be trimming boughs along precipitous mountain roads over four days, and camping under the stars at night…”

Stay tuned – this is a little teaser from our upcoming Harvest Stories, a new feature at  Harvest Stories will feature an in-depth look into our unique (and difficult) process, as well as a fascinating glimpse at the wild, beautiful places we visit.  You’ll also get thrilling tales of our wildharvesting crews battling threatening elements, truck breakdowns, and more, all to bring the freshest natural materials – the heart and soul of all our products – back to our Oakland headquarters, where they become Trail Crew Soap, Backpacker’s Colognes, Cabin Spray, and Campfire Incense.  Follow us here and on Instagram for more.




BK Styled brings us these great pictures from our recent urban wildcrafting adventure in NYC, featuring a wildharvesting hike through Brooklyn followed by live distillation and our signature cocktails.  Check them out for more awesome images and a recap of the event.



Urban Daddy has a great slideshow and article featuring our Fragrance Outpost at Fellow Barber’s Footprint Store, at their Mission District location in San Francisco.  Head over for more pictures of this great new retail space, where you can get “a haircut, hot shave, wool blanket, windbreaker, wine opener and chainsaw…” (we should mention the chainsaw isn’t for sale).



As we gear up for the holiday season, we’re getting a good deal of great press, and we couldn’t be more grateful.  Check out this roundup of recent articles and features about us:

Apartment Therapy: Camping Party – Local Milk Gift Guide 2013Stylus: Pop-ups Round-up, NYCNY Racked: 15 Best Holiday Pop-Ups –  and KalinkaKalinka, all the way from Germany!



Wildsam, a new series of American field guides, featured our very own Hall Newbegin, founder of Juniper Ridge, in their San Francisco edition, detailed below:

The spirit of the West lives large in San Francisco, a city of ideas and innovation and America reimagined. Dreamers of California dreams. Gold Rush and Summer of Love and Twitter IPO. San Francisco has always been a seven-by-seven mile peninsula of escape and possibility.

It’s the city where Jack London honed his storytelling, where Joe DiMaggio played high school ball, where Etta James found her voice. Where thousands of African Americans migrated during World War II, escaping Jim Crow for new lives on a new coast. Where runaways hitchhiked. Where Chinese families fled. A fragrant city that the Spanish chose to name Yerba Buena. One wonders if there’s some magic, maybe a spell cast by space. And sea. The thousands of miles between there and here. Time given to shed old skins. To ditch the baggage and picture something new.

Rebecca Solnit writes that San Francisco is “where America comes to reinvent itself.” This book is filled with such stories. Of tech engineers rewiring the world, Harvey Milk rewriting history, John Muir walking into the wild.

The Wildsam Field Guides are available online here, and in San Francisco with our friends at The Perish Trust and Heath Ceramics.



“Amazing @juniperridge wild fragrance goodies for sale at Una Mae’s LA!” via Una Mae’s Clothing (@unamaelosangeles)



“Just received our first shipment for California-based “wilderness fragrance distillery” Juniper Ridge! Real plants, old-world methods, nothing fake, just naturally beautiful scent in the form of cologne’s, soaps and room sprays. Available in store at C Store tomorrow and online within the next few days!” via CaliRoots in Stockholm, Sweden (@calirootsstore)



Finally, Obi and Hall are back in Brooklyn for the weekend, manning our Pop-Up Shop at Fellow Barber in NYC, spreading the good news about real, wilderness fragrance.  Be sure and stop by to check out our fragrance Transporter and the full line of Juniper Ridge products, via @juniperridge.


November 12, 2013




It was a lot of hard work but this Fall’s Siskiyou Cedar wild harvest is over and the new harvest number is wrapped up. These pictures are from a few of the briefly sunny moments in the trip to this gorgeous, albeit rainy, coastal forest deep in the Pacific Northwest. These brilliantly aromatic, ginger cedar tinctures are going immediately into our Siskiyou Backpacker’s Cologne, a wearable fragrance that delivers on its promise to take you to this wild and rugged land. These wild botanicals have a way of taking on their local environments with astounding clarity: the oil we extracted from trees along the ridge came out much more red and spicy than the oil extracted from trees closer to the river.



We’d like to extend a big thanks to Men’s Journal for selecting our Yuba River Backpacker’s Cologne as one of their Best Colognes for Fall.  We’re honored by the distinction, head over and have a look for yourself.untitled-11


Contemporary Standard delivers quality content that covers men’s style and contemporary culture to Italy.  They recently posted this article and slideshow, featuring a look into our history, philosophy, and method.  Head over and have a look for more.



PSFK , a publication and think-tank that aims to showcase innovation in all its forms, has this great article offering a look at our Backpacker’s Colognes and our Pop-Up at Fellow Barber, check it out here.



“The most beautiful scents from the most beautiful wild places!” via Thomas I Punkt in Hamburg, Germany (@thomasipunkt).



“Just got a shipment from @juniperridge! So privileged to be an official vendor of their incredible products.” via Velour – Fashion Recycled in Newberg, Oregon (@shopvelour).



We’re very proud to announce our latest pop-up retail location at the Perish Trust, in San Francisco’s Western Addition neighborhood.  The pop up shop will feature the full range of Juniper Ridge’s products, including Trail Crew Soaps, Cabin Sprays, and our recently expanded line of Backpacker’s Colognes.  “It’s the perfect place for us to share some brand-new stuff with folks who know us already, and introduce real fragrance to people who haven’t experienced it yet,” says Juniper Ridge Founder Hall Newbegin.   On some weekends, Juniper Ridge staff will be on hand to walk visitors through the fragrances and explain Juniper Ridge’s unique process, which relies on wildharvested ingredients and steam-distillation techniques that date back to the Phoenicians.  We’ll also be hosting the always popular wildcrafted cocktail parties, featuring Wild Sage Old Fashioneds, Redwood Martinis, and Wild Pear Backyard Honey Mead.

The Juniper Ridge pop up shop opens this Saturday November 9, and will be open through Christmas. The Perish Trust is located at 728 Divisadero Street in San Franscisco, and is open Tuesday through Thursday 11 AM to 7 PM and Friday through Sunday noon to 6 PM.  Keep up to date with the latest events here and on Instagram (@juniperridge).


October 23, 2013




Photographs by Sabine Scheckel of the opening party at our Pop-Up Shop at Fellow Barber.  We would like to thank the following people for their help in making it happen: Claudio Martonffy, Sam Buffa & Fellow Barber, Art in the Age, Six Point Brewery, and to everyone who made it out to the reception last week, it sure was a crazy party. The Pop-Up will be open through December 21st, Monday through Friday, 12 to 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 101 N. 8th Street, Williamsburg, 718.522.4959. Stay tuned to The Wildcrafter at to hear about our special, in-store events Untitled-1


We’re honored to be featured in the Style section of Gear Patrol’s GP100, highlighting carefully chosen selections from their editorial staff — from automotive and electronics, to men’s style essentials, home goods, spirits and outdoors — to find the inspiring and the practical, the ground-breaking and the traditional, the priceless and the accessible.   Read more here.untitled-11


NYC blog EcoCult stopped by our Pop-Up to shoot some photos for this wonderful write-up:

“It’s a gorgeous fall day: Opaquely blue sky, a smattering of orange crunchy leaves scattered across the ground. I’m taking my time on a casual bike ride down North 8th Street in Williamsburg, savoring the fresh air. Then I smell it, a dense, wild and fresh scent pouring out of a storefront that makes me whip my head around. It’s coming from the Juniper Ridge pop-up shop, located inside a small room attached to Fellow Barber.

To call Juniper Ridge a fragrance company doesn’t really do it justice. It’s more like a hiking souvenir company, evoking visceral memories of walking through the woods. They call themselves a ‘wilderness fragrance distillery.’ Whatever, it’s magic.”

Be sure and check it out for more.



In case you missed it last week, Esquire posted these great photos from Mat Rick on their Style Blog.  Check it out for a step by step look at how we wildcraft our fragrances.untitled-11


MW x Juniper Ridge from Makers Workshop on Vimeo.

Our good friends at Maker’s Workshop made this video of our recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, featuring a wildharvesting hike led by Juniper Ridge founder Hall Newbegin, and our Field Lab event at Danner Boots at Union Way in Portland.  Thanks for the lovely snapshot of an awesome (albeit rainy) weekend.



Likely General (@likelygeneral) is a wonderful Toronto shop featuring handpicked products from up-and-coming artists and craftspeople.  Be sure and check them out if you’re in Toronto’s Roncesvalles Village neighborhood for our full range of Campfire Incense.



Wood and Metal (@woodandmetal), based in Tacoma, WA, offers a selection of outdoor and home items, the culmination of years of research and experience with quality products.  Visit them in person in Tacoma or online.


October 17, 2013


Yuba River Backpacker’s Cologne. One of two colognes we’re launching today, Yuba River is a clean, bright hit of the Cedar forests in the northern Sierra Nevada mountains. With Yuba River, you can smell the sunlight glinting off granite rocks and taste the cold, green water that feeds these magnificent trees. Check out photos of us wildharvesting the ingredients for Yuba River on  Esquire’s Style Blog, and buy it exclusively at


Big Sur Backpacker’s Cologne.  Many years in formulation, our Big Sur Backpacker’s Cologne is full of light, sea mist, and salt air. Mint notes radiate across the wild Sage fields of California’s central coast.  A wearable snapshot of this unique California wilderness.  Get it here.


Also available for the first time are these Backpacker’s Cologne Sample Kits.  Not sure which Backpacker’s Cologne is right for you? This sample kit contains four of our most beloved fragrances: the California coast’s Big Sur, the Sierra Nevada’s Yuba River, the Mojave Desert’s Caruthers Canyon, and the Pacific Northwest’s Siskiyou.

These are only available at






Cool Hunting features these great photos of our Pop-Up Shop at Fellow Barber, along with a fantastic article delving deep into the design philosophy and concept behind our good friend Claudio Martonffy’s vision for the space.  Be sure to have a look.


We’ve been so fortunate to receive a slew of excellent press from NYC and abroad this week, with so much going on here at Juniper Ridge, we’re very excited the following publications and blogs are showcasing our efforts:

T Magazine – W Magazine – Urban Daddy – Daily Candy – Williamsburg-Greenpoint Arts + News – NYLON – Racked NY





Images from last week’s opening party at our Pop-Up Shop at Fellow Barber.  Thanks to @jennamallet, @mkemikep, and @makersworkshop.untitled-11BC_Party_Inst

Come celebrate with us as we launch our expanded line of Backpacker’s Colognes, with wildcrafted cocktails and more, tomorrow night, Friday Oct 18th at 7pm – Fellow Barber, 101 N 8th St., Williamsburg, BK.


October 10, 2013



Tonight is the night. Our Pop Up Shop opens in Brooklyn. See you at 6pm New York!



From our Press Release:

“Hailing from Oakland, California, wilderness fragrancemaker Juniper Ridge has long been the perfume world’s eccentric cousin. The company makes their perfumes and colognes in a converted whiskey still using only plants, tree trimmings, moss, and mushrooms foraged in the backcountry. For their pop-up shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this fall, Juniper Ridge is building something special for New Yorkers—a photobooth-sized Transporter inspired by Dr. Who that will take people from Brooklyn to the West Coast in 45 seconds.
Juniper Ridge will be installing their fragrance-powered Transporter at Barber & Supply – the flagship and concept shop by Fellow Barber on North 8th Street in the heart of Williamsburg – offering visitors free trips from New York to a rotating list of wilderness destinations, including the coastal hills of Big Sur, Topanga Canyon, Death Valley, John Muir’s beloved High Sierra, and Oregon’s Mt. Hood. The pop up shop will house the whiskey still Juniper Ridge uses to extract fragrance from foraged plants, along with the full range of Juniper Ridge products, including Trail Crew Soap, Cabin Sprays, and a brand-new line of Backpacker’s Colognes launching on October 17. There will also be wild aromatics distillation demonstrations, and record parties featuring Redwood martinis and Desert Sage old-fashioned cocktails.”

The pop up shop at 101 North 8th Street, between Wythe and Berry Streets in Williamsburg (718-522-4959) will open on October 10, and be open Mon-Fri from12-8pm, and Sat-Sun from10am-6pm through December 21. 



“A bearded, flannel-shirt-wearing backpacker from the Cascade Mountains of Portland, Ore., is not your typical perfumer. But in the case of Hall Newbegin, an obsessive love for the outdoors inspired him to create Juniper Ridge, a wild-crafted line of handmade colognes, soaps and incense, based in Oakland, Calif. First introduced at farmers’ markets in the Bay Area in 1998 and now carried in thoughtfully curated shops like Shelter Half in Los Angeles and Steven Alan Home in New York, Newbegin’s artisanal goods have a hyper-local focus. He forages aromatic plants, mushrooms, tree trimmings and moss on the trails around the West Coast, then distills everything using an old-fashioned enfleurage process to create essential oils that smell like the Mojave Desert after the rain or a dusky summer evening along the Timberline Trail on Mount Hood.”

T Magazine brings us this great piece, click here for more…



More press from NYC, this time from the awesome folks at Brooklyn Based.  Head over for the scoop on our Pop-Up Shop at Fellow Barber, opening tonight.



New York Magazine also has a nice little feature on the Pop-Up, read it here.




Finally, Lonny Magazine, an online publication with a focus on style and home design brings us this article, featuring more lovely photos by Isla Bell Murray from last week’s wildharvesting hike on Mt. Tamhave a look.



London’s Garbstore (@garbstore) features our Inyo Cabin Spray on display for their Early Fall Table.




Thanks to Maker’s Workshop (@makersworkshop), @m_ewing, and @wildplaces for these pictures of last week’s Field Lab event at Danner at Union Way in Portland.  Despite some typically nasty Northwest weather, we had a blast!


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